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IT Support & Managed Services

HPE IT Support and Managed Services is one of our core services and expertise. Our contracture IT Management & Support covers Corporate Network, System & Application. We deliver our service based on tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) that meet customer requirement.

1. Fault ticketing & escalation.
2. Troubleshoot phone / remotely.
3. Further escalate to Principle to claim warranty.
3. Assign engineer onsite troubleshoot.
4. Replace the faulty parts with new parts
5. Replace the chargable parts if out of warranty.
6. Re-install software, patches if software issue.
7. Removal of Virus, trojan horse and spywares.
8. Re-assign user Login ID & password if password issue.
9. Provide daily ticket progress.
10. Stock Take on Loaner/Parts provided at each Service Centre.

1. Hardware Inventory Report for Auditing.
2. End User database & location update for Auditing.
3. Software Inventory for License Control and auditing.
4. Reapply security policies and remove software not allow.
5. Apply critical updates, patches and service packs on Desktop/Servers.
6. Removal of Virus, Trojan horse and spyware.
7. Physical cleaning to prevent Fan Block reduce air-flow on CPU/HDD inside the computer.
8. Re-tag Asset Sticker with Computer Name & Helpdesk Phone Number.
9. Hardware Log File capture for Report Summary.
10. Installing and configuring add-on hardware/software.


Elite Service
SLA 24×7 (4Hrs) / 12×7 (8Hrs)

Provide critical support for highly sensitive systems which non-stop operational. It needed Immediate or Same-day attention throughout 365 days

Premium Service
SLA 8×5 (4Hrs)

Provide critical support for IT system during office hours. With urgency and immediate attention during normal office hours. It also can inclusive VIP User or Key System which may bring impact to customer business daily operation.

Standard SLA
8×5 (NBD)

Provide standard support for all kind of IT product during office hours. With standard onsite response countrywide.

Remote SLA 8×5

Provide non-critical, Schedule or Ad Hoc request, it could be Install, Move, Add/Upgrade, Change, Dismantle (IMAC/D) or Mini Project. It is also suitable to measure SLA for Rural Zone tickets which requires mixture mode of transport (4WD/Boat/Rural-Flight) to deliver the assigned task.



Contracture IT management and support give predictable fees and agreed service levels. It can lower operational costs and improve productivity in the long run.

Flexible and Scalable

Reduce risk by reacting quickly to IT Labour shortage and it can be flexible and scalable based on project required without need to have permanent IT staff . Changing IT infrastructure or services can be done almost immediately.

Continous Service Improvement

New technologies and escalating security threats can stretch IT teams. Leverage on our full-fledged of professional IT Team to support your IT infrastructure enable you to adopt new and emerging technology easily.

Mitigate Risk / Resources Drain

Reduce the Own IT Team traveling by leverage on our nationwide support team to respond faster to branches breakdown. Our performance is committed based on SLA.

Maintain Control

You can maintain control of your business with big picture plans, while we take care of your IT infrastructure to support your business to strive further.

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