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Project Deployment

HPE provides full Project Management and Deployment from small to large scale IT Project comprises network devise, Servers, Desktop, Laptop, Hardware, Software, System and Application, be it a new installation, upgrades or migration. Our customer ranging from the Banking sector, Retail, Manufacturing, up to oil & gas sector customers.


Project Kick-Start

We kick-start the project with Project Planning, Charter Project Timeline, Project Team member, Project Deliverable and schedule Project meeting. We organized technical challenges to outline the deliverable together with the customer. We cater the risk and possibility of challenges to ensure Project deliver according to the committed timeline.

Off-sites Installation Preparation

We believe that IT installation and rollouts should be carried out with as little disruption to your day-to-day operations as possible. That’s why we complete as much as possible off-site, including commissioning, software installation, customized imaging and testing. We can also store equipment off-site while stand-by for Project deployment.

On-sites Installation Services

We managed the installation process from start to finish – we’ll take care of the shipping/transport to site, on-site installation, initialization, and testing. We can also undertake customized testing tailored to your specific environment.

Flexible IT Installation Services

Our field supports IT engineering team has the capacity to deliver large-scale roll-outs and installations within tight timescales. Our flexible approach means that we can also deliver our on-site outside your working hours to minimize business disruption.

Dedicated Installation Teams

For the large-scale installation and roll-outs, we typically establish a dedicated installation team comprising project managers, consultants, and engineers to design, manage, and implement your Project rollout.



Our established Project Management & Deployment team able to provide economy of scale on Project cost as compare to set up own resources to deliver the project.

Reduced Risk

Working according to ITIL best practices and structured methodologies, we can help reduce the risk of large scales installation failure. All of our processes are fully documented, and we’ll provide full reporting of the service undertaken.

Extra Resources

This helps you to relieve your in-house team from the burden of project management and implementation, allowing them to focus on your core business activities instead.

Committed Timeline

Project deliverable is measure by committed timeline. Schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings to ensure Project runs smoothly and obstacles are overcome.

Minimum Business Disruption

Off-site Preparation, Flexible hour installation can help to reduce daily business disruption to a minimum.

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